Kit Shipping Details

Be aware that we use a variety of carriers for shipping kits. We also like to work alongside our customers to select the best option for shipping kits of any size. This is especially true for the kits that must be built in a wooden crate and sent through a trucking company.

Shipping Date

Please allow at least 10 working days from the end of the scheduled shipping week for the kit to be delivered.


Please examine your order carefully and advise us of any necessary changes or errors. Any changes to a kit order must be received in writing. Postponements in shipping or cancellations must also be in writing.


Kit shipments are sent by truck and are collect, meaning you pay for the freight charges when it arrives at your door. The trucking companies with whom we do business provide significant discounts only if we ship to an area serviced directly by them. If you reside in an area not serviced by the trucking company, they will inter-line with a local trucking company, and your discount will be removed. You can be arranged to have your kit shipped to the local terminal which would still provide you with a discount, but you need to let us know if you would like to do this. The trucking company is instructed by us to call you prior to delivery, and at that time, you can inquire about the freight charges and the methods of payment they will accept. It is the responsibility of the person receiving the freight to find a way to offload the crates from the truck. The freight company might help, but they typically don’t carry forklifts or dollies. You can also request “liftgate” service for an added cost through most freight companies.

Small Crate Sizes

Kits such as the rib kit or empenage/tail feather kit don’t require a large crate. In fact much of the wood stock is shipped in PVC drain pipes. The PVC for sewer drains is thin and light, but perfect for shipping long straight pre-cut wood stock. The rib kit actually just uses a 6′ long, 4″ diameter drain pipe that weighs about 18 lbs fully packed. These can ship via UPS. The plywood is then shipped in a separate package.

Full Kit Crate Sizes

If you’re curious the size of the full kit and want to get shipping quotes, here are the basic dimensions for a FULL materials kit for either the Cloudster or Zing aircraft. Note that our kits are “raw wood materials” and do not include any hardware other than the tailwheel and tailspring.

The main crate is 96″ x 24″ x 9″ and weighs roughly 200 lbs.

There is a second bundle of two long PVC pipes strapped together (side by side) that carries longerons and spar materials which together are 14′ long x 9″ wide x 5″ tall. Together they weigh roughly 42 lbs.

Kit Arrival

Carefully examine all of the crates and/or boxes upon arrival and note any damage on the bill of lading that the freight company has you sign. This will greatly expedite your claim if damages is found.

Damaged Shipments

If you have damaged freight from a trucking company, please contact them immediately to start the claim process. Contact information can be found on the bill of lading that you signed at delivery. Simplex Aeroplanes, LLC is not responsible for damaged freight, but we will help you through the claim process.

Please contact us immediately if any items are damaged during the shipping process!

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