Looking to build a new ultralight airplane? Or maybe even a very basic wood and fabric experimental aircraft that qualifies under the light sport regs? Simplex Aeroplanes is pleased to continue to offer aircraft plans and aircraft kits for both the Simplex Cloudster and Simplex Zing aircraft originally designed back in the mid-1990s by Scott Land of Pops Props.  Our plans packages have been heavily updated from the original versions with new detailed information to help builders of any skill level achieve success. We provide full support to builders both new and old and offer the most economical and inexpensive alternative to entering the world of Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation. Both aircraft can be built as an “Ultralight” and meet the rules set forth in the FAR Part 103 regulations, which requires no aircraft registration or a pilots license to fly. Alternatively, either aircraft can built and registered as an experimental amateur-built (E-AB) aircraft and flown by a someone holding at least a Sport Pilot license.

Plans for the Simplex Zing are available at a discounted rate of $110. Additionally, plans for the Simplex Cloudster are also being offered at a discounted rate of $110.

We also sell our own very popular and detailed version of 1/2 VW conversion plans. You can purchase these 1/2 VW conversion plans separate today for only $25. So don’t miss your chance to start your next ultralight project.

Order your new set of plans today!
#120 Zing Plans $110
#108 Cloudster Plans $110
#111 1/2 VW Plans $25

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