Builder Support

A support network exists to help you with building your Simplex Aircraft.

Simplex Aero Technical Support

Every builder has access to official technical support from Simplex Aero. We do not charge an extra fee for this support, it is included with the cost of the plans and kit.

Telephone Support:

You can call us to get questions answered. We can be reached at (801) 830-0612. Our technical support hours are Monday thru Friday, 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. When calling, please have your questions thought out and any applicable plan numbers readily available. Also recognize that we are a small company so your call may get directly forwarded to a cell phone. We may not be near our desk and need to review the plans and then get back to you with the answer to your question.

E-mail Support:
Simplex Aero will answer technical support questions via our e-mail address. Please describe the problem and include any drawing reference numbers. Usually, most questions will be answered with 24 hours, often times quicker. Just make sure to give us a valid return e-mail address!

Builders Groups

We encourage you to check with those who are already building or flying one of our aircraft. Builders often band together to provide each other assistance in building and flying their aircraft.We currently use and maintain a free yahoo builders group. The link is shown on the left hand side of this page. It’s free to join. You just need to create a free yahoo account if you don’t already have one.

Other Builders

We don’t track where builders are located, but with the amount of plans we have sold since re-launching the brand in 2011 there is a chance one is near you. The best way to find out if someone is nearby is to pose a question on the yahoo builders group mentioned above.

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